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Go To Services Inc. is a General Contractor and full service specialty cleaning company based in Phoenix. Go To specializes in all areas of water damage restoration and emergency flood services.

With many years of water damage repair experience you can feel comfortable with GO TO on your team. Call now to schedule a FREE estimate!

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When you call our offices, you will speak to a supervisor who will explain the services provided and answer all of your questions. The supervisor will then assign a representative to be at your location within the hour. Once the rep has inspected the damage that has occurred you will be presented with a free quote for our services. If you should accept our quote, a team of technicians will arrive to begin immediate repairs on your home or business.

Go To Water Damage Phoenix Services

Water Damage Mitigation: Go To is a complete water damage restoration company that will stop the cause of the water damage, clean up the mess that was created, dry out your home and address any mold or fire damage issues that have occurred as well. This means that when we leave your residence or business, it will be restored to its condition before the damage occurred. Plus, we guarantee our work so if there is a future issue that was caused by our company not completely addressing the water damage Phoenix repair, we will come back and correct it free of charge.

Fire Damage Restoration: We understand that the water putting out a fire in your home or office may cause a considerable amount of damage in and of itself, which is why we can clean up such damage in a prompt, professional manner.

Mold Remediation: Mold represents one of the biggest dangers to the home because it can spread into the interior of the walls, floors and attic causing considerable structural damage and even threatening the health of those who live or work inside. Go To Services fully dries out the home or office so that the mold has no place to grow. Plus, we will sanitize any areas where mold is suspected.

When it comes to the best water damage restoration and specialty cleaning company, Go To Services offer professional residue removal and water damage repair at low, affordable prices. We offer 24/7 damage restoration that provides you with peace of mind in case the worst should happen to your home or office. If your property is currently experiencing water damage Phoenix, please give us a call right now and talk to one of our supervisors.