Asbestos Removal

At Go To Services, we provide professional asbestos removal that fully removes the asbestos from your property in a safe manner. If you should discover asbestos on your property, we encourage you to call our offices and talk to one of our supervisors about having asbestos remediation performed quickly.


Asbestos Removal Service

There was a time when businesses and residences across the United States had asbestos as part of their water pipe and building insulation. Asbestos was considered one of the best materials for fire suppression and provided ample protection for homes, offices and facilities. However, it was discovered in the 1970s that asbestos had terrible side effects including being the leading cause of mesothelioma, a deadly lung cancer.

By 1978, asbestos was banned in new construction, but still existed in older homes, offices, warehouses and other types of facilities. While there has been an extensive effort to remove asbestos, every day there are new discoveries in older structure of asbestos. The danger to the health of the people inside residences and buildings come from when the asbestos breaks down into smaller particles that enter the air ducts and is spread throughout the structure. Once in the air, the tiny particles of asbestos can get inside the lungs and build up over time to create conditions that may cause mesothelioma to occur.

Our Phoenix Asbestos Removal Services

When asbestos is discovered in a home or business, we start by sealing off the affected area so that no one suffers from any additional exposure. Once sealed, our professional asbestos removal team goes in and removes the asbestos from the affected areas and will test the air for indications of any asbestos particles.

The entire asbestos remediation process follows government rules and regulations regarding the proper removal and disposal of asbestos from your property. This will mean that our professionals will wear the proper protection and remove the asbestos using methods that ensure it does not get released into the air.


Over the years, Go To Services has perfected the techniques of proper asbestos removal so that the services performed are done in a prompt, professional manner that is complete and thorough. Our goal is to completely remove all of the asbestos present on your property in as short a time as possible so that our presence causes the least amount of disruption to your home or business.

If you suspect that your residence or business has asbestos on the property, please call Go To Services and talk to one of our supervisors. They will advise you about our asbestos remediation services and send out a representative to check for possible asbestos contamination. You can rest assured that with Go To Services, you’ll get the professional asbestos removal that is thorough and complete all for a low, competitive price.

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