Basement Flooding Clean Up

Performing Proper Basement Flooding Clean Up

The old story of having to do basement flooding clean up is one that not only gets told a lot, but has also been the subject of many TV situation comedies and has even been in many movies as well. However, it is no laughing matter when you find that your basement has flooded.

There are many reasons why a basement can flood as it is generally the lowest point in the home. From flowing through cracks in the wall, not having the proper drainage around the basement itself, a sump pump that is faulty, heavy rains and floodwater are just a few of the reasons why a basement can flood.

When you are in need of basement flooding clean up, you will need the Go To water damage restoration professionals to ensure that the job is done in a proper and complete manner.

Proper Basement Flooding Clean Up

Unless the source of the water damage is obvious, for example an overflowing sink or washing machine, the first step that you should take is calling a professional water restoration company. They will send a representative to your home to assess the damage and provide you with a free quote to perform the proper clean up procedures.

Once you accept the quote, the representative will then shut off the source of the water damage if possible while calling in the trained technicians and equipment necessary to address the flooding in the basement. The technicians will generally start by removing any furnishing or other portable items that have been soaked and start to remove the water from the basement.

Go To Services Basement Flooding CleanUp

The technicians will work as fast and thoroughly as possible to remove the water from your basement in order to limit the damage that is occurring. Once the surface water has been removed, the drying and dehumidifying process will then begin. Here, all the surfaces of the basement are fully dried and inspected to see if any water seepage has flown behind walls or into other areas of the home

Meanwhile, the items that have been removed are then dried so that the damage to them is as limited as possible. The next step is decontamination which destroys any microbes, germs and bacteria that might still be left in the walls, floors, ceiling and furnishings of the basement.

Completing the Cleaning and Restoration Process

Only when your basement is fully dry, decontaminated and restored will a bill be issued for the services based on the free quote that the representative issued to the homeowner. The bill is also issued after the basement has been fully inspected to ensure that there are no damp or wet spots were bacteria, microbes or mold can start growing which may cause further damage to your home.

If you are in need of cleaning up the flooding in your basement, then calling the Paradise Valley water damage restoration professionals at Go To Services is the answer. Go To Services is available 24/7 to provide immediate assistance in case you find you need professional basement flooding clean up.

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