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Contractor Hiring Tips for Water Damage Restoration Projects

You want to make every effort to ensure that the contractor you hire for your home restoration is not only one who will deal honestly with you but is also reliable as well. There are lots of water damage repair contractors out there who are just great; the problem is you’ll have to do a little digging sometimes to find the right one. These helpful steps will help make your search as painless as possible.

Whenever you have a contractor do work for you, make sure you have a written contract. This is an absolute must, especially if you’re getting any kind of major work done on your house. This contract represents your legal protection in case something goes wrong with the project or disputes arise as the contract continues. Be very specific with the contract and include all the details that are important such as the nature of the project, specific materials you’ll be using to complete the project, how much the project is going to cost, when payments are going to be paid – and how much, when the project should be finished. Make sure that the warranties on materials, equipment, and labor are included as part of the contract too. Also make sure the contract has the name and physical address for the contractor before you sign. You should also have your attorney take a look at the contract before you sign.

Settle on costs with your General contractor before you allow any water damage repair work to begin. It’s also important to iron out important details such as acceptable forms of payment and when these payments should be made. Many contractors will expect some sort of deposit before work begins but some will direct bill your home owners insurance for the cost of the project.

While a deposit may be required if flood insurance is not available sometimes it really shouldn’t be more than 25%. You should never have to complete payment for the job until all the work has been finished. Always pay the contractor with methods that can be verified if a dispute should arise like credit cards or checks. Make sure both parties understand these points before you even consider a contractor for the job so that there aren’t any misunderstandings later into the project.

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If you have a licensed General contractor that specializes in water damage restoration come to your home and give an inspection, you will be ahead of the game by the time you call your insurance company. This is something that people usually do before flood damage restoration is done on a house to find out what repairs are needed. If anybody will have the scoop on the best storage options for your personal property, it will be the local water damage contractor, he can steer you in the right direction. There are many pluses for having a general contractor that specializes in water damage restoration visit; they will find all of the imperfections, maybe caused by rot or even mold. There are some water damage restoration projects you can handle yourself, but others are best left to a professional. If you are going to hire a contractor then make sure all the expense and hassle is worth it by making sure they’re good. Finding the contractor that’s right is just a matter of trusting your gut feelings, baring in mind some of the above suggestions and using common sense.

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