Wet Hardwood Floors

Scottsdale, AZ
Posted in Commercial Properties

If your home, business or school has hardwood floors, then you know the danger that can occur if they are exposed to water for any real length of time. While spilling a glass of water or perhaps letting the sink overflow a bit is something that can be handled on your own. If your hardwood floors have been inundated with flood water, then you’ll want to call a professional water restoration company as quickly as possible to minimize any damage that might occur for proper flood clean up.

Tips for Hardwood Floor Drying

If your hardwood floors have been exposed to a light or moderate amount of water due to a large spill or an overflowing sink or bathtub, then there are some steps that you can take to minimize the damage. Obviously, the first step is to shut off the source of the water so that no more is added to the spill. After that, you’ll need a mop and fans to do the rest.

Remove all Furnishings: You’ll want to remove as many furnishings from the room where the spill occurred. This means everything from the area where the water was present. In most cases, this will only mean pushing the furnishings from one side of the room to the other until the spill is completely dry.

Dry the Floor: The first step is to take a dry mop to soak up the water on the floor itself. You can also use dry towels, rags and whatever else is handy to soak up the excess water. Do not leave the mop or towels on the floor, but instead ring them out in the sink or outside and keep mopping until the floor is dry.

Turn on the Fans: If you have portable fans, you should set them on the floor and turn then on. Let the air blow across the flooring to evaporate the water that is still present.

Inspect: Once the hardwood floor drying is completed, inspect the floor for any cracks along the walls or in between the panel spaces. You may want to press on the floor to see if any water bubbles up between the cracks. If you do see evidence that water has gotten underneath your hardwood floor or inside the walls, then you’ll want to call a water restoration company.

Calling a Professional Water Damage Restoration Company

You’ll want to call the professionals who have the experience and knowledge and equipment to handle all types of flood clean up. This is especially true when it comes to hardwood floor drying as they can property clean away all the water, dirt and debris that occurs during a flood.

Hardwood floors can be a haven for mold if the flooring itself is not properly dried, so if you have experienced flooding conditions in your home, call the professionals and have them come by to inspect, clean up and dry your floors.

When you consider the investment you have make in your hardwood floors, having a professional water damage repair service is the right step towards potentially saving you a great deal more money on replacement costs thanks to Phoenix flood clean up services.