Water Extraction

Phoenix, AZ
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When any building has been flooded, it’s vitally important that the water removal process begins immediately and that it is completed quickly. It can’t be stressed enough that water damage only gets worse with every passing minute, so you need to be sure that the company providing your water extraction service is really on top of their game.

24 Hour Services for Water Extraction in Phoenix

There are certain water removal tools that will play a big role in getting the water out of the structure in the most efficient and effective way possible, and a well-prepared Phoenix water damage service will have this equipment at the ready, as soon as they show up at your door. A submersible pump is generally used for deep standing water and it may be mounted on a truck or come as a portable unit. Wet/dry vacuums are another tool of the trade for water extraction specialists, but the ones that professionals use will typically have much more power than the models that you’ll find in stores.

Trying to take care of Phoenix water extraction or removal on your own after a flood can be a very risky game and it is generally not advisable. Aside from the fact that the water could be contaminated with chemicals, sewage or bacteria, it’s also easy to get electrocuted or to injure yourself in an accident if you don’t know what you’re doing.

In addition to that, it would be very difficult for anyone without the proper equipment to get a flooded building truly dry afterward. While this may not seem like a major issue on its face, the fact of the matter is that residual humidity can create all kinds of health and safety issues in your home, from harmful mold that can make you sick to warped or weakened building materials that could give way at any moment.

Phoenix water extraction doesn’t stop just because the water that you can see is gone. It’s very important that all of the lingering humidity and moisture which is inevitably trapped inside your walls, doors, floors and even ceilings is also removed if you want to rest assured that your building is really safe and healthy. That’s why you should always contact a water extraction expert in the event of a flood in your home or business. It’s the only way that you can know in the end that all traces of water are gone, once and for all.